APPLE: Invite Your Guests to Wedbox Photo App

Send an Email Invite from Your Computer

1. Open your Photo App and click on the Menu
2. Click on “Invite Guests”
3. Click on the share button, then select your preferred email client:

a) Click SHARE

b) Select your email client

4. Use your own email address in the “To” field, and send the message to yourself
5. Open your computer and find the email you just sent yourself

a) Click FORWARD

b) DELETE the “FW:” in the subject line

c) DELETE the text above “Help us

6. If you’d like to, you can edit the message before you send it
7. Enter the email address(es) for all the guests you want to send the invitation to
8. Click SEND and wait for your guests to upload all of their lovely pictures to your Wedbox wedding!