Are you looking for a scalable business for your next investment?

Wedbox creates and market mobile apps for weddings, which intelligently and on the premise of the wedding couple connects suppliers in the wedding business with consumers at the optimal buying decision time matched by geography, style, budget, and other supplier choices.

Wedbox is a new innovative solution bringing the old website platform content marketing into a mobile setting focusing on providing functional value for the wedding couple.

Wedbox started in 2016 as a Photo-app for capturing and sharing pictures for all the guests at a wedding. Wedbox has upon this basis expanded providing SaaS services for all aspects of a wedding.

The services include:

Wedbox PLAN

Wedding planning app providing guidance to the wedding couple creating the best possible wedding. Read more »

Wedbox PHOTO

Wedding Photo-app for capturing and sharing pictures. Read more »

Wedbox PRO

Marketing platform and delivery service for professional photographers. Read more »

Wedbox PRINT

Print service designed especially for weddings. Read more »

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