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Wedbox and Revolut: An Exciting Wedding Gift to Celebrate

It’s becoming increasingly popular for today’s wedding couples to ask for money instead of gifts for their wedding registry. This is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed at Wedbox, where our number one priority is creating value for our customers. For this reason, we are delighted to be partnering up with Revolut to provide the perfect solution: a Revolut account for you and your partner’s wedding planning.

We know it’s all in the details when it comes to wedding planning, and we’re so excited about the great opportunities this partnership offers. From keeping track of your wedding budget, to using in your day-to-day life together, there are so many ways to benefit from Revolut.

Get an account with a wedding gift from Revolut

If you create a free Revolut account through this page, you will receive your first cash deposit from Revolut! Consider it your first wedding gift to get you started on your journey as a married couple.

With that deposit, you can then order a credit card, which you and your partner can use for a whole variety of situations. We’ve come up with a few ideas below to get you started: 

Collect cash gifts from your wedding guests (with no hidden fees)

If we haven’t convinced you of how great Revolut is yet, there are no hidden fees when you use them. This makes them an ideal choice for collecting cash gifts from your guests. 

Just set up your account, and then include the details with your wedding invitations – it really couldn’t be easier! You’ll have a great overview of the money you collected from your guests, and be able to start deciding what to spend it on together.

Use worldwide for your honeymoon

Revolut has the market’s lowest fees on spending abroad and withdrawing cash. This makes it an ideal option for a card to take on your honeymoon.

Easily keep track of what you’ve been paying via the app, and you can make sure you don’t overspend whilst you’re away.

One card for all your future shared expenses

The Revolut account will automatically categories your expenses, giving you a great overview of your shared spending. Why not set up a monthly transfer from both of your own accounts and use the Revolut account exclusively for your shared expenses?

It’s great way to stay organised and keep your individual spending separate. You can save together for your next adventures and look forward to exciting future plans.


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