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Have unlimited fun at your wedding with a Wedbox photo booth

Our app now has an incredible new function which means you can set up your own photo booth for your wedding. Combining our photo app with our new Selfiebox software makes it the perfect feature for other events, as well as your wedding reception. The light-up function in our app means you can still take amazing photos even in low light and is a great source of entertainment to light up the party. 

Selfie box is a great way to keep your guests entertained throughout the party. Photo booth function is a must-have for your celebration, and will guarantee your guests having the best time taking awesome selfies! See in this short video yourself. 

How does it work?

With a 3 second self-timer, you have time to strike a pose and take the perfect picture without having to press any buttons! What’s even more fun, is that you can share it with the rest of your guests instantly through the Wedbox Photo app.

To set up your own photo booth for your wedding, you need an iPad with at least iOS 11. We’ve also provided a few ideas for different set-up options below:

A white iPad showing a screenshot of the selfie picture, which is a blurred picture with an orange button over the top that says "Click here to take a photo"

1) The simple version (free)

  • Find somewhere to stand your iPad at the wedding venue
  • Maybe set up a little bit of soft lighting for behind the iPad
  • Use a plain wall as the background and create your own props
  • Install the Wedbox app on an iPad and start the selfie box mode

2) The medium version ($20-$60)

3) The rental version ($170 –$400)

  • You can find many photo booth rental services that use an iPad 
  • Search google for “iPad photo booth rental” or ” iPad selfie box rental”
  • Install the Wedbox app on an iPad and start the selfie box mode

4) Buy a Selfie box ($799)

  • Through this link, you can buy a full selfie box setup including lights and a travel box
  • After your wedding, you can either resell it or start your own photo booth rental and rent it out to other weddings, use it for other events

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