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Best 5 Wedding Timeline Templates To Download For Free

Wedding timelines – the perfect printout to have for your wedding.  A wedding timeline consists of the main events throughout your celebration, whether  it’s a morning wedding or more of an evening event. They take some time to create , which  is why we’re offering you five FREE templates to use!

Having a timeline gives you an overview of the event, as well as keeping your guests informed. You can have a more detailed version for yourself and make a simpler one for the guests. Many couples send the wedding timeline together with an invitation to their guests. This way, when the guests see your timeline, it’s easier for them to understand and plan their day.

Some guests want to change outfits, others cannot get a day off work etc., so they might just come for one part of the celebration. Keeping your guests informed makes it a pleasant experience for everyone involved!

According to theweddingchecklist.com, the perfect time to send wedding invitations is at least three months before the wedding. Adding a template with the invitation is a great idea, so here are the five templates you can use:

Two-day Wedding

During a two day wedding, you should really keep people updated with when the action is going on!

The main points are usually; the meeting times, the addresses for any events, when food is served and when pictures are being taken. With this template, you can easily change the times and activities yourself, so it fits your schedule. You can also change where the icons are placed.

Make sure guests see when your second day starts, so they know what time to set their alarm clocks! If you want to make your guests’ lives even easier, you can also make them hangover kits, to make sure they’re all on time!

Two-day wedding editable timeline for an amazing celebration
Two-day wedding editable template

If you want to play a little game throughout your wedding, use the template as the game card. Wedding guests will be able to exchange it at the dinner for some points if they bring it along. With their points, they can win a dinner made by the newlyweds or some other kind of fun activity together.

Download as a PDF
Download as Word Document
Download the font Oriflame Script
Download the font Open Sans

Early Wedding

Having an early wedding requires a plan. If you want to finish your celebration without seeing the sunset, this wedding template is for you.

The simple Scandinavian look makes it easy for all the guests to understand. Adjust the time and tasks, to make it look however you want. As before, if you want to make a game out of this paper you can add a sentence at the bottom, as well as any other information you need.

Early wedding editable timeline for an amazing celebration
Early wedding editable template

Download as a PDF
Download as Word Document
Download the font Oriflame Script
Download the font Open Sans

Afternoon Wedding

If you are having an afternoon wedding with a dinner afterwards, this wedding timeline template is perfect for you!

If there is an end time for the party, your guests should know what time to leave. If there is any transport ready for them, let them know this as well. If the wedding is themed, you can choose a font to fit your theme and add any extra information in the smaller font.

This template has the most important information and approximate times. Easily download, change the time according to your schedule and send it out to your guests. You can also change the main title to your names, to make it more personal.

Afternoon wedding editable timeline for an amazing celebration
Afternoon wedding editable timeline

Download as a PDF
Download as Word Document
Download the font Oriflame Script
Download the font Open Sans

Pink Themed Evening Wedding

This template has a pink background, that can easily be replaced with any other background. The icons can also be removed with just a few clicks.

Organize some activities to entertain your guests, but don’t forget to mention them on the timeline!

late evening editable wedding timeline template

Download as a PDF
Download as Word Document

Evening Wedding

Make the timeline according to the style of your wedding. If you are having a themed wedding, you can easily change the fonts and colors of the template so that it fits your style!

The wedding icons in the template are black and white, so they are very useful for customizing the timeline to match your theme. You can move them around and change their order in this specific template!

late evening editable wedding timeline template
Evening wedding editable template

Write the meeting place, time and date, so everyone can see the most important information on one card. If you’re printing the card, you can also play some wedding games with it. The children at the wedding could color in the icons. First one to finish, or the most beautifully colored card could win a prize!

Download as a PDF
Download as Word Document
Download the font “Raleway”

+ Bonus: Wedding Timeline On The Go!

In case you don’t want to edit the files attached, the easiest way to create your own wedding timeline is by using our app! The Wedbox photo app allows you to create your own wedding. You can invite your guests and you all collaborate on the wedding photo album – everyone uploads their pictures from your wedding!

The quality is higher than Instagram hashtags, and that’s not the only reason to have the app. You can easily create your wedding timeline with just a few clicks. Totally customizable, easy to use and understand! You can add all the events you want, and you can print it out. An easily editable and smart solution for all wedding couples.

wedbox photo app

Download for iOS;
Download for Android;

If you are trying to download the template and customize it, but things don’t go your way, write a comment and we will try to help you.

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