hangover kit to the help in the wedding or party morning

How to put together an awesome hangover kit

Wedding couple to the rescue!

You have thrown a killer party, everyone had a blast but now… it is time to face the morning, and after-wedding hangovers are a real thing.

As the wedding couple, a hangover kit is an awesome way to give back to all the friends and family members who came to celebrate your big day (or bachelor/ette party) with you. You want them to remember your wedding and how good it was even the day after!

You can pack the kit in a fabric bag with a custom stamp, a ‘take-away’ box or a basket, you name it!

To help you a bit, at the Wedbox headquarter we have put together a list of essential items you should include in your hangover kits for your guests to rise from the dead.

Let’s have a look at it!

1) Mission: restore hydration

At a wedding the drink options are almost endless so, to bring back all those liquids and sugar levels to normal, we suggest you include at least one of these options:

  • A big bottle of water
  • A packaged combination of your personal hangover cure (e.g. black tea with honey and lemon)
  • A prepared banana milkshake with honey (gentle to the tummy and helps restore sugar levels)
  • A bottle of coconut water or other isotonic drink

cup of tea with lemon

2) Mission: feeling better

Waking up hangover and sore isn’t anybody’s cup of tea. To help your guests feel better and refreshed we suggest your kit includes:

  • A pair of comfortable slippers or flip-flops to walk around
  • Dental floss and mouthwash
  • Eye drops
  • A few sachets of effervescent ibuprofen for headache
  • Some ginger and peppermint tea to help with nausea and digestion

3) Mission: looking better

Now that you have taken care of the physical symptoms, it is time to make your guests look a bit more alive. These are our suggestions:

  • Make sure to include a pack of wet wipes for face and body to remove any leftover makeup
  • A soft sponge because the foamier the shower, the cleaner your guest will feel
  • A pair of sunglasses never hurt a hangover face
  • A cooling stick like this one from Tony Moly or this one by Milk Makeup will help with headaches and puffy eyes (guys will love it, too)
  • Lipbalm. Lipbalm. Lipbalm.
  • A refreshing spray like this rosemary toner from Lush
  • A hydrating face mask like this prickly pear one from Apivita

4) Mission: no surprises!

They say that being prepared is half the victory, and we believe so too! Treat your guests with items they will probably need… although they won’t want to admit it.

  • A power bank so they can upload the photos and videos from their phones to your Wedbox gallery as soon as possible!
  • A bunch of hair elastics or a hair clip
  • A couple of ‘barf bags’ for unexpected episodes
  • A nail file
  • Blister band-aids

mobile photo with pictures ready to be uploaded to wedbox

5) Mission: lift mood

To finish the hangover kit, put the cherry on top with a hand-written thank-you note and some vouchers or recommendations of close-by restaurants where to have a succulent breakfast.

You may also want to remind your friends that foods rich in fiber and protein like oatmeal, eggs or yogurt are gentle to an upset stomach and will keep it full for a longer time.

crepes with powder sugar and orange

PRO TIP: if you have arranged a hotel stay for your guests, you can have the hangover kit placed in their rooms while the celebration is taking place. They will be gladly surprised in the morning!
If not, be sure to leave the hangover kits close to the exit at the venue so they remember to take one home.

Do you have any tip or remedies that you want to share?

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