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5 fun activities for your wedding

Ever wonder how to make your wedding stand out from the traditional and quite repetitious ones you have been invited to?
If you have answered yes or just thought this sounds interesting for you, have a look at our collection of 5 fun wedding ideas.

Wedding Photo Hunt / I Spy

Give your guests a hunt list of photos to capture during your wedding and ask them to get those unique moments photographed which the professional photographer is likely to miss. This in an easy and fun job for most of your guests (especially children) as they have their smartphones nearby, ready to use. When you have these special moments captured, you can quickly reach them on your Wedbox account after the guests have uploaded them.

Wedding Wheel

Label a wheel with all types of cute and funny activities like “Bride and Groom kiss” and “Show us your best dance moves!” and have it spin all night long.
You can include these activities in the above mentioned ‘I Spy’ game since there will always be one lucky spy who will be able to capture these moments.

Polaroid Guest Book

This speaks for itself. Ditch the old version of guest books and let the guests create a polaroid one at your wedding. Here you can find our other article about polaroid cameras in more detail, if you are thinking about this idea.

polaroid camera and album

Photo Booth

You have probably seen all of these beautiful walls and corners decorated with greenery, curtains or lights and may have wondered about having something alike on your wedding as well. Did you know that these photocalls can easily be converted into photobooths? Here you can find all our tips and tricks about this topic.

The Shoe Game

Quite similar to “How well do you know each other?” the Shoe Game is based on funny, cheesy, provocative – it is up to your choice – questions which are asked from the newlyweds. Both the bride and the groom hold two shoes in their hands, one of each other’s and they answer by raising up the suitable one. Our tip is to spend a little extra time on creating the questions so you can get the most out of this game.

Do you have some other ideas in mind we might have missed?

We would love to hear from all you marvelously creative people out there who are currently planning the big day.

Even better if you already had your wedding and were able to host funny activities during the party, do you mind sharing it with us and all the other readers?

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