Wedding checklist

Congratulations on your new engagement! Starting a new life together is perhaps one of life’s happiest events.

While you can’t prevent everything from going wrong on the wedding day, you can certainly make backup plans for common things that do go wrong.

The best way to todo this is to plan out the minute details. But it helps to have some sort of tracking system so that you’re able to keep track of all the details of your wedding. This idea begins with a comprehensive wedding checklist.

In collaboration with our users, we have created a wedding checklist to help you plan the wedding.

Typical wedding tasks

All weddings are unique and it is not possible to create a wedding checklist that fits everyone. But this list has the most common tasks.

As you complete each task in our downloadable guide, check it off. It’s a great feeling knowing that at the end of each month you’re getting things done.

Please write to if you have suggestions for the checklist.

  • Choose a date and time and book it (church, town hall)
  • Take the day off at work in advance
  • Make a guest list
  • Set a budget
  • Decide on the look of your wedding
  • Find a photographer (photo and video)
  • Book a hairdresser
  • Book DJ, band and other entertainment (church, venue)
  • Set up your eating and exercise plan (if wanted)
  • Decide on a transportation to and from the ceremony place
  • Start looking for your wedding dress
  • Book a catering company (food, waiting stuff)
  • Decide and book a venue (including service, furniture…)
  • Plan and book your honeymoon
  • Book accommodation if needed
  • Look for inspiration regarding the bouquet, invitation cards, decoration…
  • Decide and order the wedding cake
  • Select a wedding dress and buy it
  • Agree on the wedding rings
  • Do a hair test with a hairdresser
  • Search for guests’ addresses
  • Buy the invitations
  • Choose your witnesses, best man, maid of honor…
  • Sort out legal matters (prenup)
  • Order the flower arrangements (bouquet, buttonhole flowers, etc.)
  • Create a gift registry
  • Send invitations
  • Prepare the needed documents for your honeymoon (passport, visa)
  • Find out about the name chnging process
  • Plan a schedule for the wedding day
  • Plan the ceremony
  • Rehearse your ”first dance”
  • Get the groom clothes and shoes
  • Purchase the wedding rings
  • Let your friends and family know if they’ll have a role in your wedding
  • Hire a gift coordinator if needed
  • Buy accessories (veil, earrings…)
  • Plan and book a pre-wedding dinner
  • Have a makeup test
  • Book a mani-pedicure
  • Plan for a facial treatment
  • Make sure the dress is tailored
  • Last call for sending invitations
  • Create a table-sitting plan
  • Choose the final menu
  • Consider locations for the wedding pictures
  • Create name cards for the tables
  • Print menus and programmes
  • Plan entertainment for children
  • Buy drinks for the party
  • Make the final arrangements on the guest list
  • Make the final adjustments to the wedding dress
  • Practice walking in your wedding shoes and get a replacement pair
  • Let the staff know the final number of guests
  • Rehearse the ceremony
  • Pick up the rings
  • Buy small presents for your guests and helpers
  • Get a guest book
  • Finish your speeches
  • Confirm appointments with hairdresser and makeup artist
  • Check if all the helpers know their tasks
  • Prepare a table sitting board for the venue
  • Pick up your wedding dress and make sure everything fits
  • Revise the schedule with the staff at the venue and the suppliers
  • Print and practice your speeches
  • Assign to one helper the task of making notes of the presents
  • Hand out the schedule to the staff at the venue
  • Pack a practical kit (hairspray, bobby pins, aspirin, band aids…)
  • Have somebody place the last decoration details (e.g. place cards)
  • Confirm the flowers and the cake
  • Prepare all the accessories and clothes you will need
  • Send presents to the helpers
  • Pay the suppliers
  • Gather all the pictures from the big day to make a photo album
  • Send ‘Thank you’ notes