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Wedding photo app

Introducing a beautiful and unique way to capture your special day. The wedding photo app is an elegant way to collect photos and videos from all your wedding guests.

Everyone can upload their pictures, and then they can be downloaded by you after the wedding in just one click.

wedding photo app

Wedbox Photo features


Through Wedbox your guests can share their photos and videos from your big day. The app captures unique, different and amazing moments from your wedding – it’s the wedding seen through the eyes of your guests


Our app allows guests to capture longer videos, which is amazing for saving speeches or other fun traditions that might happen during your wedding. Very few other wedding photo apps give you this feature!


Set up each section of your day prior to the wedding and we will automatically sort your pictures into the appropriate categories. Add categories like rehearsal dinner,  church, reception, dinner, party or any other category that you like.


You decide who has access to the content – only the people you invite can share and see the photos and videos. You can also invite anyone you want, even guests who are not able to join the actual event, for example, due to illness or maybe living abroad.


After the wedding, you simply press one button and you can download everything onto your computer. It couldn´t be easier!


This app is the only multi-language wedding photo app on the market. This means that your guests will see the app in their local language, no matter where they are from.

This is how it works

wedding photo sharing

Create your wedding

You’ll get a unique Wedding ID

wedding photo

Invite your guests

Share your Wedding ID via link, text, email or Facebook

wedding photo apps

Guests join & share photos!

It’s easy to download everything after the wedding



Why use the Wedbox photo app?

With this app, your guests can upload pictures and videos before, during and after your wedding. Everything is collected on our server, and you can download everything with the click of a button.

Your pictures will not be visible for anyone other than the guests you invite into the app, so they won´t be on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else you don’t want them to be unless you actively share them there.

Which phones support the app?

Wedbox has been developed as a native app for iPhone and Android. If you are on any other device, you can use the browser version and upload media or view it from there.

How do I invite my guests?

You invite your guests through the app or by sharing the unique wedding code with them. We have created some intelligent solutions for inviting your guests, and that means that even your mom and grandma can be easily connected to the wedding.

What is the cost of using the wedding photo app?

The app is free for everyone before, during and after the event. We also have different in-app purchases that you can choose to buy. If you want to download all the pictures in the highest possible quality, it will cost you 20 Euros.

How do I download pictures and videos?

You will be able to download pictures free of charge one by one in low quality. If you want to download all of them with one click in the highest quality, you have to purchase a package.

How long will the pictures be saved after the wedding?

We will save the files for 2 months after your wedding date. If you want longer hosting, please purchase the 24 months hosting package.

How is Wedbox different from other solutions?

Our goal is to create something beautiful, that matches your wedding. The result is the most stylish wedding photo app on the market. We also have a strong focus on simplicity and usability.

We are the only app that facilitates long video uploads, multiple languages and auto categorization – 3 amazing features.

How early can we get started?

You can create your wedding anytime you want to. There are no time limitations before your wedding, so create your wedding space as early as you like.

Download the Wedbox wedding photo app

The Wedbox wedding photo app has one purpose: We want to make it easy to capture the amazing moments from your most important day – without any hassle.

Try it today and see for yourself 🙂


What others say about the best photo app for weddings!

“I tried three different wedding photo apps and all were wonderful but your app was the best. I was over the moon about using your app.”

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Cátia Santos 

“Because the app is really user-friendly and if there are obstacles the support is quick helping :)”

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Mette Borrild

“First of all, thank you for offering the best wedding photo app. I’ve tried a lot of different ones and yours is definitely my favorite.”

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Steven Rekké

“Amazing quality images! Great in app purchase options, very cheap relative to the price of extra photographers haha!”

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“My wedding has not occurred yet but I am very pleased with customer service! I was having issues entering a coupon code and they replied within 15 minutes and have already fixed the problem. I appreciate fast customer service!”

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“Nice to be able to share the moment. Easy for orhers to add theire pictures.”

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Kerstin Mårtensson