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Wedding Trends For 2020

Each year that comes brings new trends to the table: Wedding trends. Some stay the same as they have for the last few years, but sometimes you’ll see a trend coming back that you wouldn’t have expected. Many things evolve including colours, styles, and concepts. So what about 2020? We have prepared an article about some of the trends you might see in this year’s weddings, or maybe some that you can use for yourself!

Popular dates

If you believe in astrology, then the stars have some good news for you. 2020 is a very good year to get married if you are looking for a happy, long-lasting marriage.

However, if that view isn’t for you, then just look at the numbers. This is the start of a new decade, and full of the potential of new beginnings. This year there are many beautiful dates to get married on. Have you considered the day 20/02/2020? There are lots of weddings taking place on this date because of the symmetry in the numbers. Even though it’s a Thursday, it’s one of the best days to say “yes” to your new partner!

This year we will also have a leap day – February 29th.  There’s an Irish tradition, where on this day, women are allowed to propose to the men. According to the tradition, if the proposal was refused the man was expected to buy the woman a silk gown or, by the mid-20th century, a fur coat.

Eco-friendly wedding

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Sustainability is a very hot topic these days. With climate change strikes taking place, and many countries banning single-use plastic products, eco-friendly weddings are becoming a big trend. There may be  no such thing as a 100% sustainable and ethical wedding, but every little bit counts, so small efforts can still have a big impact.

Counting food properly for your guests to try and reduce any food waste is an easy place to start. You can also think about not having any one-time-use plastics for a more sustainable wedding. You could have your wedding rings made from gold jewellery that you own, but don’t use anymore. That way you can save money, as well as some resources.

Instead of confetti that becomes trash right after the celebration, consider using real flower petals. This may be more pricey, however they will decompose completely afterwards. You could also consider replacing the name cards on the tables with something edible like a cookie. It’s a fun way to be more eco-friendly, and surprise your guests at the same time!

Food experience

food experience at your wedding wedbox

During the wedding, there is usually some kind of entertainment. Maybe you’ll have live music or a firework display, but the best way to surprise your guests is through their stomachs!

Why not have a bartender make any cocktails your guests want or create a menu with several cocktails that your guests can choose from. Alcohol is part of your wedding that you can make entertaining, not only by having it but also by how it looks. A pyramid of champagne glasses is another fun way to surprise the people attending your wedding.

Apart from alcohol, a nice looking plate of food is also a huge trend. Many people take pictures during the wedding, so if you serve them a good looking plate of food, you’re sure to get many positive reactions over the following days.


photobook trend wedding 2020 wedbox

Paper is coming back into fashion! With a previous trend of online wedding invitations and everything digital, this year it’s popular to send out paper invitations again.

As well as paper invitations, it could also be nice to surprise your closest guests with a photo book after your wedding. You can say thank you and share some of the most precious memories of your life with the people you care about most.

There are times when digital things get lost, even if it’s something valuable. A photo book would stay with people and they can look at it after years have passed. To get even more inspiration for photo books and thank you books, you can check them out and order them here.


colour at wedding image

Many wedding planners used to be obsessed with light pastel colours, and gold details everywhere. However, this year things are going to go to the next level.

Bright colours are making a coming back! Therefore, putting more colourful decorations on the table is a go-to for this year. To make it less busy, white is one of the prominent colours being used alongside bolder colours. Don’t be afraid to mix and match when it comes to the decorations – or maybe even some parts of your wedding outfit. Colourful shoes might be a nice accent to the overall theme of the wedding. See this article about wedding shoes, if you are still thinking about your options!

Not forgetting the colour of the year for this wedding season – classic blue. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence – a perfect collection of adjectives for the newlyweds.


personalize weddings for yourself, trends 2020. cotton and wedding rings

This year it’s all about the newlyweds and their needs! Make the wedding the most amazing day for yourself, and have all your wishes come true.

Many couples go through Instagram or Pinterest to look for ideas for their amazing celebration – it’s a great way to pick up some good inspiration. But taking this inspiration and personalising it to your needs is the key this year.

It’s trendy to look to the latest fashion shows to get the inspiration for your celebration. You can put a twist on the tradition to make it more personal and turn it into your own tradition.

You can also personalise the wedding a lot with food. Make a special menu with your favourite homemade dessert or some other detail, that represents your new family.

Charity gifts

image of charity for wedding gifts

Talking about sustainable weddings, charity gifts are becoming one of the latest wedding trends.

We’re not only talking about direct monetary donations to an organisation. This of course is one way to give, however, small donations are just as effective. For example, instead of bringing flowers, people could bring animal food that you can donate to an animal shelter afterwards.

Whatever your hobby or interest might be, you can always think of ways people could contribute to it. Flowers that you receive at the wedding are nice, but what if you’re going on a honeymoon? Leaving for it means leaving all your flowers at home, meanwhile, you could choose something else that could make an bigger impact on the community.

Photo Booths

denmark wedding 2020 photobooth

Still very popular, a photo booth is the perfect way to entertain your guests. The price can vary, however, investing a little bit would definitely give you very positive feedback from your guests!

For a fun twist on the traditional photo booth set up, you only need to download our app, create an account, invite your guests and start taking pictures. Your photo booth pictures can then be accessed by all the guests at the celebration! It’s a fun activity for your wedding and creates amazing memories for all your guests – instant pictures that can be accessed by everyone there.

Instant paper pictures are more pricey than a homemade digital photo booth. If you want to learn more about this idea for a photo booth, you can read here about our photo app that helps you collect all your memories.

All of us from Wedbox hope that you will have a great experience planning your wedding. Don’t miss a moment!

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